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These Things I Now Know

Twenty Tips for the Twenty-Something #Getitgirl

  1. Do DIY manis with a base coat and top coat. If it doesn’t work, stop stressing and just go to the nail salon. You probably need that, anyway.
  2. If your heart is telling you “no,” listen. If it’s screaming, “YES!” you should probably heed that sucker fast.
  3. Momma don’t always know best, honeybooboochild.
  4. If you get deodorant on your shirt, use a pair of nylons and rub it off. Works every time.
  5. Recognize what makes you happy. Actively acknowledge when it happens. Even if it’s just that you make two green lights in a row or your teacup finishes rotating in the microwave with the handle facing the right way.
  6. Everything in moderation. Carbs, wine, TV, exercise, work, play - it all needs balance.
  7. That does mean you can have candy for dinner. Sometimes.
  8. Don’t ever let anyone put you down for being “too young” or because you’re a woman. The problem is their ignorance, not your double X chromosomes or the number of years since your birth.
  9. Write letters to your grandparents on pretty stationery. They will adore receiving it. You will love it when they write back.
  10. You can create your own destiny. It’s total #getitgirl style. Set your goals high and go for it.
  11. Take off your makeup at night. If you don’t feel like washing your face every night, just use face wipes. Swipe and done.
  12. Ask the mechanic how to check your oil if you don’t already know how. Get your oil changed on a regular basis. Don’t blindly do all of the repairs they tell you. Learn about where your money is going and why.
  13. Keep a filing cabinet with important documents like your tax returns for the last seven years. Lock it.
  14. Spend time with the people you love. Don’t spend time with people who are energysucks.
  15. If you’re still getting big breakouts in your twenties, just talk to your doctor about Accutane. It’s six months of annoyingness that will make a difference for the rest of your life. Trust.
  16. Know your priorities. If you’d rather spend your money on vacations, live in a crappier apartment. If you need a place of beautiful solace every day, get a better place and staycation it up.
  17. Get suspicious moles checked out.
  18. Carry a small pepper spray on your keychain. You won’t regret it in an emergency. Also keep a few tampons, safety pins and hair ties in your purse.
  19. Scare yourself sometimes by doing something you didn’t think you could do. Start a blog, pick up an old instrument, call a long lost friend.
  20. Enjoy the little things. Like making lists and liking Tumblr posts.